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Fruit native from tropical America, papaya was spread throughout the world through Brazilian production. Papaya fruits are ideal for individual consumption because of its size and easy way to eat. Fruits with low seeds, thick pulp and red color. Very low acidity with ideal sweetness. The papain enzyme present in papaya is widely used for the digestion relief. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it has a high concentration of vitamin A, complex B and high content of vitamin C.


Sizes: 3 & 4


Air Cargo


  • Net weight: 4,5 KG p/case
  • Gross weight : 5,5 KG p/case
  • Case/Pallet: 100 cases p/Pallet
  • Storage temperature: 7-13ºC / 45-55ºF
  • Storage relative humidity (%): 85-90%
  • Durability: 1 to 3 weeks (fruits are maintained in controlled atmosphere)

Production Schedule

All year long.

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